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Office Add-in For Moodle Now A

The Microsoft Education Labs have released a free add-in for Office that allows documents to authored/edited in Moodle websites. Download

Microsoft Live Services Plugin

See video to use Windows Live IDs to sign in to Moodle

Insert a glossary

This screencast demonstrates adding a blank glossary to a course (which students may then complete with key terms and definitions of a topic they are studying), and glossary autolinking (one of Moodle's most powerful features), which may be used to create a site-wide shared language of learning.

Adding a feedback survey

The Feedback module is very useful for conducting surveys or questionnaires in Moodle. It's a simple-to-use, powerful tool.

Insert a Hot Potatoes activity

This screencast covers the basics of adding a Hot Potatoes activity (in this case a crossword) to Moodle. It also shows how to access the results of the activity once students have completed it.

Using Moodle's reports feature

This screencast looks at Moodle's reports feature. It covers the basics of using reports, including the 'live logs', recent activity, participation reports and statistics features.

Create a mashup- embed a timeline

This screencast shows one how to embed a multimedia timeline from into a Moodle page. The same process can be followed to embed content or widgets from any site that supports embedding.

Embed a Youtube playlist

Similar to embedding a single Youtube video, the playlist features allows one to gather together a collection of Youtube videos and embed them for viewing in a course.

Embed a Youtube video

Shows you how to take a video from Youtube and embed it into your course so participants can view it. Moodle allows one to insert video into labels, webpages, blocks and some activities.