Wellington Moodle Workshop Rescheduled

Wellington Moodle Workshop Rescheduled

WORKSHOP: Design and Build in Moodle 2 to enhance student learning

Please note: this is a reschedule of a previous workshop postponed due to the Canterbury Earthquake.

Getting up and running with Moodle 2, and still have time to play  Moodle 2 is the new version of the popular online learning environment.  But if you are reading here, you probably know that.

    * Experience Moodle 2
    * Acquire some course design skills
    * Build something in Moodle
    * (Optional followup on-line: gain confidence in teaching with Moodle)

Questions/registrations to derek.chirnside@gmail.com

WHERE: A202 Te Kete Whanaga (Library) Whitireia Polytechnic (Porirua, Whineera Drive) Link to a map

WHEN: Tuesday 5th April, 2011, 3.00 (setup) for 3.20 start.
Finish 7.00 (Includes Tea)

COST: $60 plus GST. A second person from a school/organisation half price.
Includes tea, set of notes, access to some online resources.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Teachers/tutors - beginners or intermediate with Moodle - Lead teachers in departments/centres - anyone wanting to move a little beyond just the skills of just adding files and content etc.

Focus on those interested in course design as well as Moodle skills.

The aim is to provide skills, habits and attitudes to help save time - and help your students to bear more of the load to learn what they need to to meet your course goals.  Ultimately easing the burden of learning on students, teachers (and parents??)

SCOPE: depend a little on the day. Includes: course design, eight core Moodle skills, case studies, maybe: touch on groups and quizzes.

We'd use the Dataview Moodle 2.0 site: http://2011.moodle2.net.nz

PRESENTOR: Derek Chirnside (Christchurch) and others if we have a larger numbers.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if I am using 1.9? Many of the skills are directly transferrable. But this is a Moodle 2 course.
  2. What if I don't have access to a Moodle site now? We can provide you with one.
  3. What is Moodle?  Hmm.  Check out moodle.org.
  4. I've tried Moodle 2, it's not quite there yet.  Hmm again.  This may be true, but we are taking an optimistic view.  Moodle 2 is pretty good.

Any more questions or comments, please contact us.

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